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The (dreaded?) First Post…

Hey, my name is Emily (everyone shortens it to Em), I’m 23 and I’ve wanted to start a blog for the LONGEST time. I’ve been putting it off for ages as I feel like everyone says that at some point, but I’ve been thinking loads about it and I think it would be really good to get my writing up to scratch and show people what I get up to. I’m not a huge fan of introducing myself as I don’t really feel like I have much interesting to shout about, but oh well… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

So, a bit about me: I live in Bexleyheath, in Greater London with my boyfriend (we’ll call him A for now – he works for the police so I need to be a bit careful about how much info I give out!). I was born in Hackney and then moved when I was 5 to Whitstable, Kent. I’m lucky that (most of the time) I have a good relationship with my family – I’ve got a younger sister who I’m close with, and my mum and dad aren’t together but they’re both my best friends (cringe). We’ve also got Sidney (a Jackapoo) and Coco (a tortoiseshell cat); both my babies, I miss them tons.

Pre-lockdown, my “hobbies” (dunno why but I cringe at calling them hobbies) were going to the gym, running, snacking and scrolling socials. Now, I still run (This morning I actually ran my longest distance ever – proud!) and to replace the gym I got the Nobs Home Guide 1.0. Still snacking and scrolling too, obvs. Alongside this I love my makeup and skincare, I’m constantly on beautybay’s website looking at their new arrivals!

I miss being by the sea SO much, especially as I went to uni in Portsmouth (I studied French with European Studies). Eventually I’d love to go back to Portsmouth and raise a family, it’s a great place to live and there’s so much going on. For now though, London is home and I really like it here too. I moved for work; after I graduated last summer, I got a job as a Communications and Community Manager for a healthtech coworking space – #niche. I might do a blog post about how I got into the industry at some point! 

Which brings me nicely to this blog – all the advice I found before starting to write was “find your niche!” but I want to talk about so much: Fitness, skincare, makeup, lifestyle stuff, snacks… so maybe my niche is that I don’t have one… LOL. That might come back to bite me on the ass at some point, but I’m willing to take the risk for now!


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