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My Favourite Self-Care Activities

It probably comes at no surprise that I’m a HUGE fan of all things #wellness and self-care. I mean, what 23 year old woman isn’t? Pre-lockdown, this list would have included things like “get your nails done!” or “buy a (overpriced) green juice” and whilst I love these things to de-stress, treat myself and chill out, we can’t do them at the moment 😭. (I am thanking past-Em for deciding NOT to get acrylics before lockdown though, not gonna lie.) Here are just a few things that tend to help me when I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed or just need to show myself some love. 

Move your body! 🤸‍♀️

This can be literally anything. Put on your fave bad b*tch song and dance to it (I have to be in a very specific mood for this one though lol). Have a walk with a podcast (make sure it’s your daily, state-mandated one hour mind) or go for a run and get your sweat on (same rules apply!). If you like them, do a HIIT workout or just do a few starjumps/ some jogging on the spot. 

I ALWAYS feel so much better for moving, even if I’m feeling low and like I really CBA with the world and his dog. If the higher intensity stuff isn’t your thing, try a yoga session on youtube or some meditation, or do some stretches. I don’t know about anyone else, but working from home means I am S.T.I.F.F. 

Pamper yourself 💅

Yeah, we all know, we’re in “unprecedented” (f***ing crazy) times. It seems way too easy to slip into the habit of not taking care of ourselves as we normally would – we’re not seeing anyone (apart from whoever’s living with us, and they’re probably equally rough…) and our regular self-care routines are out the window. This doesn’t sit right with me! I love taking care of myself, and to me (though this may be a controversial statement) I am ALL for anything that improves my outward appearance (yes, even botox/fillers if it came to it…) 

Now, I’m definitely not suggesting anyone tries any DIY cosmetic surgery while we’re bored at home, but why not take some time to try a new sheet mask (these are amazing), exfoliate, moisturise and fake tan (if that’s your thing)? CBA with all these? Give your nails and toes some TLC with a fresh coat of paint while you watch Netflix… 

Netflix + chill… Either way 🤪

Whether you live with your significant other or are ridin’ solo (thanks Jason Derulo) there’s a million and one things to watch on Netflix at the moment. Full disclosure, I love complete TRASH on Netflix so my recs may not be to your taste…

I personally would recommend “Hey all you cool cats and kittens” (I don’t even need to say the title), OITNB, What If, Dead To Me (please tell me someone else has watched this?? It is the BOMB), and if you just want something to have on in the background while you stare at your phone (just being real) the Bake-Off episodes are always great and Sugar Rush is another good one. (a little OTT American though; their host is called Hunter 👀) 

Cook or bake something 🧁

Even pre-lockdown, I’ve always found baking to be a really calming activity. That probably makes me sound about 85 but I have a sweet tooth so any excuse to have cake/biscuits is fine by me 🐷. My go-to bake is a banana and choc chip loaf (love this one by the absolute QUEEN that is Mary Berry, but I double the recipe as my loaf tin is a 2lb big boi) but I also love making a Victoria Sandwich, and literally anything with chocolate in. 

Due to COVID I haven’t been able to get flour for about the last month, and I FINALLY found some on a trip to Asda the other morning, so I think I’ll be baking sooner rather than later. If you prefer to actually *cook* something, Jamie Oliver’s 5 Ingredients book is seriously good – so little washing up and so much flavour! There’s a sweet potato recipe that’s absolutely banging and so easy. 

Marie Kondo your LIFE 🧹

Okay, maybe not quite your life, as that would probably be way too stressful… Why not start with your wardrobe? Grab yourself a black bin bag (ready for when the charity shops reopen 😈 ) and go through your (no doubt, I know mine is) vast and varied wardrobe to declutter. I always end up discovering things I’d literally forgotten about and sometimes even getting new outfit inspo. I mean, usually I just charity shop a load of stuff, cause I go off clothes really quickly and I find it cleansing and therapeutic 😇 but the principle is there. 

Once you’ve done one wardrobe, I promise you’ll get a bug for it and want to blitz your whole flat! Then, like me, realise that you do actually use all the stuff in your house cause you only moved in last August, only have one bedroom and need all the ‘things’ to make it not feel like a sad rented property… LOL. 

So these are my top 5 things to do to destress – I wish I was into painting or sewing or some shit but I have the attention span of a woodlouse and I need to be constantly stimulated at all times like a small puppy 😂 so these things work well for that! 

Thanks for reading 



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