My Favourite Healthy (ish) snacks

I’ve been having a real writer’s block for the past few weeks. I’ve been desperate to write but just had no inspo whatsoever – I think one of the subconscious effects of this lockdown is that my brain power is seriously diminished. Anyway, I really wanted to write, so I started thinking about what I truly enjoy and could talk about for ages. Makeup? That post is coming. Politics? Too many people write about that already 👀. Food? YES. Sorted. 

I LOVE food. Seriously. I am such a foodie in every sense of the word – a lot of people say that, but if I had to plan my dream day, it would revolve around food and not much else LOL. I particularly love snacking – if it was morally acceptable and I didn’t have my boyfriend to feed, I’d probably just snack here and there all day. (I would also be the size of a house cause ya gal doesn’t know when to stop sometimes 🌝)

So I decided to get together a list of a few of my favourite healthy snacks. Well, they’re healthy-ish – not lacking entirely in nutrition, but also not celery-juice levels of virtuous. It’s also important to note that I have a really sweet tooth (much to the disappointment of my dentist – sorry, Neil) so if you’re not a fan of sweet stuff, this prob isn’t the post for you. Soz. 

Snack #1) PBBT (a.k.a Peanut Butter + Banana on Toast) 

So this is probably the snack that could be most easily passed off as a meal… if you ate enough of it, which I could. For me, the bread should be *decent*, so, not a flimsy piece of sad white bread (white bread has its place, don’t get me wrong – hello jam sandwiches – but it’s not here). Ideally, sourdough goes well #basic or a nice slice of seeded bread works cause the seeds go all toasted and lovely. I highly recommend Hovis Seed Sensations, if you’re wondering! 

Now for the nut butter, my favourite part. I should say now, I don’t put butter on my toast as I’m using nut butter, but hey, if you wanna double butter-up, you do you! I love peanut butter more than many, many things – I could eat it out the jar with a spoon, the same with almond butter. I’m yet to try cashew butter or hazelnut butter but looking forward to that, whenever it comes! So usually I use peanut butter, either smooth or crunchy, cause I just feel like it melts a little bit nicer that almond butter. I love Pip+Nut Maple Peanut Butter, but Meridian also deserves a special shout out for their Rich Roast Peanut butter 🤤. 

Finally, Banana time! I know some people like it mashed on toast (each to their own 🤭) but I love using just slices of banana, or banana coins as I recently discovered they were called! It’s got to be ripe (obvs) but not too ripe so it’s mushy when you cut it. I assemble exactly like the photo below, and top mine with some cinnamon. 

Photo credit:

Snack #2) YOGS 🤪

There isn’t a single time of the day where I wouldn’t eat yogurt. I love it all – greek, natural, fruity, chocolatey (if you can count the Cadbury buttons desserts as yogurts 😈). I’ve gone through phases with yogurt (a sentence I never thought I’d type tbh). I used to love Muller Light – namely banana and custard, or vanilla with dark choc sprinkles. I don’t mind these but now I find them too thin and a bit too fake-sweet tasting. 

When I lived in France for a year, they used to have these yogurts called ‘Danio’ and they were massive pots, really thick yogurt with a layer of fruit compote at the bottom – they were really high in protein too, so an extra win. I can’t find them in the UK, which is gutting. The closest I’ve got (which are faves now) are Liberté yogurts, particularly the honey ones. I also like Light & Free but only the Vanilla, Peach and Cherry flavours. 

The reason I love yogurts is cause they’re so versatile – you can add fruit, granola, honey, protein powder even! You can use it as a topping for baked oats, pancakes or even add it to cakes and puddings. It’s also a nice lil something you can have before dinner if you’re feeling really hungry, but won’t fill you up and make you feel sluggish. My favourite way is to have it on it’s own, or with some granola which is prob one of my favourite foods ever (even though it doesn’t feature on this list 🤔). 

Photo credit:

Snack #3) Fibre One slices: Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Cinnamon Danish 

Okay, so these are a bit “slimming world” but honestly, for a low calorie snack I LOVE them. They’re so good if you need something sweet in the afternoon with a cup of tea – they feel way more substantial than a biscuit and come individually wrapped so you don’t go eating the whole box in one go.

 The chocolate brownie one is rich, not too sweet and tastes super realistic – it has a really decent brownie texture and the photo definitely doesn’t do it justice. I love one (or two) of these warmed up after dinner, as they feel like a real luxury dessert but without a lot of the calories, which, if you’re trying to watch what you eat, is a really good option! The cinnamon danish flavour comes a close second – it’s really moist again and the little cinnamon chips are so good. I’ve not tried it warm, but cold it genuinely tastes like a cinnamon danish, and as you’ll know from my previous MyProtein post, I love ANYTHING cinnamon. 

These are also great to take to work/out and about if you know you’re going to need a snack at some point (cause let’s face it, who doesn’t?) 🍪

Photo credit:

Snack #4) Homemade Tortilla Chips

I thought I’d better include something savoury, just cause… you know, I’ve got a mature pallet etc etc… are snacks even a ‘mature’ thing anyway? 🤷🏽‍♀️ who cares. Anyway, these are so banging to make on a Sunday evening when you haven’t really got anything in, but want something warm and crunchy and satisfying to see you through for a few hours. These work even better when you’ve got guac or sour cream or salsa to dip them in, but if you’re a weirdo like me who loves dry foods, they’re lush on their own too.

I like to use mini soft tortilla wraps as they make good sized crisps, and the large ones are too big for me. I cut them into six with scissors (don’t knock it til you’ve tried it) and then brush them with a very thin coating of olive oil. I made the mistake when I first tried them of DOUSING them in oil 🤢 and they almost burnt. Not good. I’d put them in the oven for around 7-10 minutes at just under 200℃, but defo keep an eye! Mine tend to look like the ones in the picture below, but maybe a little more golden for that extra crunch 😋

Photo Credits:

Snack #5) Soreen

What can I even say about Soreen. I rate it SO MUCH. It’s like a cake but healthy!? Some people might say it’s kind of granny food (or baby food?) But for me, it’s a great snack. It’s not too sweet and is so filling, even if you just have a couple of slices. 

My personal fave is the OG Soreen. We get the pre-sliced one for ease of portioning, but they’re all good. My boyfriend has his with butter which is banging, but I just have mine plain. I also LOVE the banana lunchbox loaves – yeah, I know they’re meant for small children, and admittedly they’re so small and I could probably eat all 5 in one go, but they’re individually wrapped and like a little portion of banana bread with almost caramel bits in. Another of my faves that I can barely ever find 💔💔💔 is the fruity 5 loaf. I discovered that delight in a Tesco meal deal and never looked back. It tastes like a super moist fruit cake and I love it. 

Soreen is genuinely SUCH a decent snack. It’s apparently really good toasted as well but honestly, mine never makes it that far tbh. I’m a big fan of stuff that’s good for you, but tastes just on the decadent side of things – I think soreen fits this perfectly!

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So, that concludes a list of a few of my favourite healthy-ish snacks! I hope you enjoyed reading about it – I love writing about food so I might do a few more of these types of posts in the future. I’m always on the lookout for new snacks I’ve not tried, so if you find any you think I might like, comment below! 

Thanks for reading,


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