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Revolution Skincare/Makeup haul

Whilst we’ve been in lockdown I’ve saved so much money compared to normal. I know exactly why this is: 1, my lack of a monthly season ticket, and 2, my lack of daily trips to co-op/sainsbury’s/Pret for snacks or coconut milk chai lattes 😬 (if you haven’t, TRY IT. The addition of coconut is a GAME CHANGER). This has been really good for my spending habits and has shown me that I end up doing a lot of “boredom buying”, so hopefully I can keep it to an occasional treat rather than an every-day thing. (Not the season ticket. That’s the last thing I’d describe as a treat!)

Anyway, I’d been on the hunt for a few bits makeup and skincare wise, and I happened to see on Revolution’s instagram that they had just bought out a three pack of hand sanitisers at 75% alcohol! I cannot believe I just typed that sentence out, and what’s more, I can’t believe I’m impressed and excited by the prospect of a high alcohol hand sanitiser 😳. I proceeded to head onto the Revolution website and add them to my basket. I thought I’d just have a quick browse, and, to quote Captain Holt: “Oh Damn”. A few clicks later and I was away… so here it is, a little Revolution haul for you guys!

*Disclaimer: I only got this order the other day so I’ve only tested these products quickly, not tried them properly!

**Disclaimer #2: I couldn’t find an “oh damn” Captain Holt gif so you get what you get… lol.

Revolution Skincare Hand Sanitisers: Lemongrass and 3pk Ocean, Lavender & Coconut

So, what we came for. These hand sanitisers have a nice light smell to them in terms of the actual fragrance, but OMG the alcohol smell is STRONG. So strong, it even reminded me of nights out at uni… 🥴 shots anyone? BUT I think for value for money, they’re really good – one is in my work bag, one is in my other bag and the other two are just laying around the house, but I think one will be making its way into A’s car sooner rather than later…

Revolution Pink Clay Detoxifying Mask

I have heard so many good things about this mask! I think it’ll be really good for when I’m about to be on and my skin kicks off and throws its toys out the pram. The pink clay draws out impurities and absorbs oil, but it also contains seaweed extract which helps to moisturise the parts of your skin that need it! I love the idea that it only targets the problematic areas and won’t dry my skin out completely. I feel like it will also help with brightening my skin as it has a tendency to look a bit dull sometimes (thanks, excess oil). 

Revolution Pro Brushes: Double ended masking brush, 410 XL Fluffy Powder Brush, 100 Small Pointed Flat Brush, 320 Large Fan Brush

There’s something SO exciting about new makeup brushes. I don’t care how sad that sounds – I love how soft they are fresh out the packet, and these Revolution Pro ones have a really nicely shaped handle for precise application. I’ve seen a few girls on insta use the masking brush and I don’t really like applying masks with my hands so I thought I’d give it a go – I’m usually a sheet mask kinda girl but I’m hoping the detoxifying mask will impress. The powder brush and fan brush will be great for face powder (duhhh) and for the highlighter I’ve bought – I’m obsessed with fan brushes – can you believe, like 4 years ago I was applying highlighter with my FINGERS 💀💀💀 (ugh, the shame). The small brush isn’t as firm as I was hoping it would be, but I’m gonna hold out judgement until I try it – I’m thinking it might be good for concealing the under-eye area, but we’ll see…

Makeup Revolution Reloaded Highlighter in shade “Raise the Bar”

For YEARS, I couldn’t find a decent gold highlighter. They were all silver or pearl or champagne and made me look like a ghost and clashed with my other warm-toned makeup. Clearly, I wasn’t looking in the right place. This shade is my absolute DREAM, as it features bright gold and bronze gold tones, and is super buildable and not too sparkly, so perfect for work when you want to bring that subtle glow, or pop on a couple of extra layers for a night out 🌝🌞

Makeup Revolution Pout Bomb Plumping Gloss in shade “Kiss” 💋

I’m a huge fan of plumping glosses. I think it’s because I’m too scared to commit to fillers. My all-time, not yet beaten favourite is Too-Faced’s Lip Injection Extreme – but at £22 a tube I have to ration it for when I really want to use it! I spotted this one and it was only a fiver, so I thought I’d give it a go. It feels really nice and buttery rather than sticky when applied, and tastes kind of minty. It also looks like it would last a while too. These sorts of “your lips but better” shades are my favourite – unpopular opinion but I’m not a huge fan of a bright lip on myself – I think it looks like I’m 8 and tried to raid my mum’s makeup bag, unsuccessfully. 

XX Revolution Quick FiXX Mattifying Setting Spray

I’ve been toying with the idea of getting a setting spray for AGES, but when I was wearing makeup every day I didn’t bother getting one because I was so good at not touching my face and as it was winter, my skin felt a little less oily (I mean, by the end of the day, not so much, but what can you do 🤷🏽‍♀️). Now, I touch my face every 5 seconds (with clean hands ofc) and summer means oil + sweat. #NICE. There were loads of different setting sprays online, but I read tons of reviews and this one came out on top. People said that it came out like a fine mist, which is a winner for me, cause no one wants a weird tiny jet of product on one small area of your face. I also liked the look of it because this new range, XX Revolution, combines skincare ingredients with high-end makeup products. For another blog post I might do a GRWM where I’ll use the spray and see how well it works. 

I 💖 Revolution Pure Gold Eau De Parfum

Am I saving the best til last? Potentially. This perfume, OMG. It smells INSANELY GOOD. All the reviews said it was a dupe for Lady Millions (honestly, not quite sure whether this is true because I can’t remember the smell of Lady Millions – I’m a Michael Kors Glam Jasmine girl myself) but it’s so warm and floral. It would work so well for an evening perfume but honestly, I like it enough to wear it in the day too. It’s also SO long-lasting, but at £12 you can afford to top up freely if you need to. Also, obsessed with the packaging – anything gold gets my vote. 🤩

So there we are! That’s my product haul – I can’t wait to try them and if I do a GRWM and step-by-step picture instructions I’ll let you know how they are. If you have any questions, please comment and I’ll do my best to answer! 

Thanks for reading,



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