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My goals for August (and beyond!)

So, another month has gone by and we’re over half way through the year 🤯 In January I made the usual resolutions that I always fall back on – drink more water! Lose some weight! Read more! And while I have upped the litres and shed some fat, I haven’t picked up as many books as I’d like and my goals have definitely changed. (Unsurprising considering what’s gone on this year!) I know we’re 11 days into August already, but I’ve got a few goals I want to accomplish, or at least make a start on, by the end of the month! 

1. Carry on toning up – I’m making some slow but steady progress with my PT – it’s a whole different way of thinking than I’m used to, I may do a post about it at some point, but he’s seriously changed my whole mindset on health and fitness. It’s mad how I never saw anything beyond hours on the treadmill as the only way to get fit. Training with weights is something I could never see myself doing, but here we are! Still not too keen on going back to the gym though, ngl… 

2. Run 20km in August – this is literally nothing, but I’m now weight training 4x a week so I have to be so careful of my knees (several injuries over the years that I’ve needed to see a physio about but never had the time/money/inclination to do so 🤡) I used to run about 4x a week and would do 5ks each time, but since an injury in July that seemed really difficult to come back from, I literally haven’t run at all. I’ve obviously been going for walks every day but there’s just something different about the buzz you get from running, I can’t explain it. 

3. Look for a new job – I know it’s probably the WORST time to be looking, but the COVID pandemic and being in lockdown has given me a real chance to think about what I need from my career, what I value and what I want to dedicate 40hrs of my life a week to. I’ve redesigned my CV and I have to say, it looks sick. I want a role where I can grow within a team and have a manager who guides me and shares their knowledge and expertise. I just know I have so much more to give.

4. Read more – I have loads of books that I keep meaning to read (or finish – sorry Hillary Clinton 😬) but I keep not doing it. I want to dedicate an couple of hours at the weekend to being screen free and actually getting my head down and reading a book. I literally cannot take my hands off my damn phone, which is something I want to change (looking at your, 9 hours of screen time a day!!!) The last book I read was Romesh Ranganathan’s autobiography which was SO funny, but I think the next one I’ll go for is Becoming by Michelle Obama. 

5. Do more “extra-curricular” stuff – I can’t believe I’m writing this, but I really miss learning. Uni was so great for a myriad of reasons but I will admit I got such a buzz from learning new stuff. I love getting stuck into a challenge (only ones that are actually doable, LOL) but there are SO many free courses out there. I really want to take advantage and add as much as I can to my CV. I know nothing beats experience but I’ve got a lot more free time now and it feels silly to waste it. 

I’d love to hear about some of your goals for the rest of the month, or year! Or how lockdown has changed your mindset and what you want to do in the future. 

Thanks for reading! 



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